Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Hopefully I get to pick it up later today! =)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gerald at Avril's concert!

As most of you might know, we had a lil' drama on the whole Avril Lavigne is 'too sexy for Malaysia' issue... which then later leaned against her concert conflicting our patriotism.

Apparently in order to fit Malaysia's image you gotta dress appropriately. You must also refrain from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing in public.


If a fan runs on stage I guess u can only shake his hand. haha... What kinda concert is it gonna be if u can't jump or shout? WTH man... Avril might as well just sit on a chair and sing slow ballets.

I guess Gerald's plan to go party at the concert looking like this has to be scrapped!

Den summore, have to be careful. Cannot HUG also. Especially when your face emotions look like THIS when your friend has his hand on your shoulders.

Definitely no kissing in public!

And no GAY acts!

So I guess in order to show true Malaysia Patriotism, everyone should dress appropriately, act appropriately and bring a Malaysian Flag along, since its so close to our independence day!

I guess if you're going to Avril's concert and happen to be looking for Gerald... look for someone who looks like this:


This cannot that cannot... everything also cannot... how lah Gerald? What say you?

Friday, August 15, 2008

RE-MEME! Tagged by Gerald... =p

Yeah... as the topic says, Gerald tags me. Marhemsss.... =p
Okay lar, this doesn't take long to do, and further more I haven't really been updating my blog! hehe... =)

Here it goes!

Decided to do the MEME again, coz' the niaseng-ed Gerald (as miss aileng so eloquently puts it) never wrote THE RULES OF THE MEME.

Visited aileng's blog baru I tau... double marhems.

I'll leave the old one there since its already there, and write a different answer for each laaaaaa... a more lighter version. LoL...

Anywayz, the rules are:
The ones who got meme-ed must complete the survey, then take out a question that you dislike most and add another question, so it remains as 20 questions.

Tag 5 other people, and list out their names.
And you need to leave a message at their blogs telling them they got meme-ed!
The meme-ed must answer the questions, the ones who completed the game will get blessing from everyone.

These 5 people have to say where they received the meme, and tag 5 other people, and pass it around without returning. The ones who got tagged will get everyone's blessing, and all wonderful dreams will come true in near future....

I took out the most BORING QUESTION, replaced it with a kick-ass one
(the bolded bigger one lor)


1.What are your goals/dreams?
To have contributions towards the technological development of the world... yeah, BIG like that!

2. The most happiest thing in your life?
At this VERY MOMENT, can't think of one... mind's too crowded

3. If you could describe yourself as something/someone else, what would that be?
A brand new television set.
Usually comes in a dull brown box with black printings. But open it up and you'll see a whole lot of colour shining out of me. =)

4. Do you have a crush now? How did you know each other?
Unfortunately, I don't.
I wish I did...
Then I would have the motivation like I could take on the world every morning when I wake up.
Life would've meant so much more.

5. Where do you wish to go the most? Why?
At this very second... Genting. Just to get away and be alone in a nice quiet spot, just to look back and reflect on what I've done, and where do I go from here... probably with my best friends J.Walker and J.Daniels. haha

6. What is your weakness that you can't stand the most?
That I can't live up to my own fucking expectations. And when I'm at a point where I know for a fact I can't succeed, my motivation drops from 110% to 10%.
Its bad, I knoe, I'm trying to rid myself of it. =p

7. What will you do if you face something sad?
Smile, think positive, and walk away.
Life goes on.
I've already learned to accept that a very very very long time ago...

8. Most afraid to lose...?
My marbles, when I meet a chick.

9. What is the practical target within this 5 years?
Have a place of my own... not just living it in, as in already bought it.

10. Ask yourself, do you like yourself?
I love myself. I'm just not too fond of the situation I'm in right now.

11. Favorite song?
Been listening to this (not the original, but this precise version) A LOT lately:

12.What weird things that you wish to happen?
That a beautiful girl who would love me unconditionally falls from the heavens and into my arms... like, literally!

13.What age do you wish to live until?
I'd say 90. I want to be able to see my great grandchildren before I go.

14. You Hate which type of people the most?
People who hogs the lane on the road, notices you're in a hurry, but refuses to give way on purpose. I don't know if they've been sent by God as a sign of "relax, go slow", or by the Devil to test your patience and make you want to run them off the road!

15. Are you satisfied with your life?
At this very moment, not at all. Disappointed would also be an understatement.
6 months ago though, extremely satisfied.

16. What do you wish to do the most now?
Fly to Genting... for the reason mentioned above. =p

17. What do you think will make you think that the human nature is dark?
If I was in India and surrounded by billions of dark people I just might. HAHAHAA....
No offence... its a joke laaaaaaaaaaaaaa... why so serious? haha...

18. If you are in deepest depression, who will you look for?
God, and the same person for the past 2 years... Mr.Wong Eu Gene!
Thanx for everything my buddy!

19. If god will give you one thing and take away another, what do you think it will be?
He'd give me someone to love again, so he'll take away the emptyness inside of me... or at least i hope he would. haha...

20. Have you found yourself?
6 months ago, yes. At this precise moment, i'm kinda lost.

The song posted in Q.11 kinda relates to me right now.
Go search the lyrics, here's the chorus:

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go no where
Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be

Stop and stare,
You start to wonder why you're here not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, can you see what I see?


No specific tagging lar... who ever wanna do can do, it doesn't take long to answer 20 questions. =p