Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.

-Josh Billings-

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tawandang German Brewery

This is one of the MUST VISIT places if you're in Bangkok. Tawandang German Brewery. Its a German beerhouse, that brews their own (very good) beer, and serves great German and mostly Thai dishes.

You can actually see the brewery coz' they use glass walls so that people can see the brewery from the bar/restaurant area. Strangely, the toilet is situated next to it! LoL... yeah, I saw it on the way to the toilet! haha...

Food arrives amazingly fast. Kinda makes me think they were someone else's that got wrongly delivered! LoL... then again the place seats 1600 guests (or so i read), I guess they have to be mass produced otherwise people would be screaming for their food. Food was GREAT btw... do try the deep fried pork knucle and the deep fried sea bass! These were recommended by a local that I went with... really, OMG!

They serve 3 different types of beer, the Larger (the normal kind), the Dunken (malt) which is slighly milder, and for the ladies, the Weizen, that's of a slightly fruity aroma. Good stuff! A mug only costs about 85 Baht or so, a jug is about 200 Baht. Didn't ask for the price for the beer tower though, hehe. =p

Entertainment was superb. Crowd was superb and really into it (what other place do you know of that people stand up at their dining table to dance!!? haha). Staff were spread around evenly and all of them were very participative in the entertainment on stage.... when the song YMCA was performed all staff stood where they are and danced to it! LoL...
If it was your birthday, they'll have this TGIF styled thingy goin on, where a lot of staff surround ur table singing u a birthday song while bringing out the cake, and on top of that, got a guy holding a HUGE "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign behind u, and a cameraman in front of you taking you so that the whole place of 1600 people can see your blushing face ON THE BIG SCREENS !!! LOL... Yeah, the place is too huge so they got projector screens and TV spreaded around in case you're too far from the stage or you're being blocked by a pillar. =p

Live entertainment, daily!
All in all, the night out was GREAT. =p They close at about 1am, but please go there EARLY. Everyone goes there for dinner and then sits till it closes, so if you wanna get good seats, GO EARLY! I went there at 8.30 and I had to sit WAAAAAY back, can't see the stage, gotta look at TV.
Luckily got one table left around 11 plus, thats when I changed table and sat closer a bit so can see the stage. We were supposed to go at 7 originally, but last minute had some work that delayed our departure. So GO EARLY!
BEER MASCOT! Everyone wants to grab it! LoL

Will probably be going there again one of these days, hopefully the cam-idiot (as oppose to cam-whore) will REMEMBER to take more pics this time! LoL...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Genting LUNCHAI Trip

Yeah, a bit the LATE my posting, i know, been busy lah okay! =p

Anywayz our 'LunChai' annual Genting Trip for Chinese New Year happend on the 16-18 February 2008 this year. =p
Genting's view from our hotel room @ mini casino
This time around, the person to drive is me and Lebon... and this year around, there was DRAMA!! Yeah... on the way up, Lebon's Hyundai SCoupe decided to serve hot drinks to all of us! =p
Teh Tarik anyone?
FORTUNATELY there was a Panasonic Toyota Racing F1 Engineer passing by that saw us in dilemma. He was nice enuff to stop and help out!! LoL...
Team Panasonic Toyota Racing F1 Engineer San to the rescueeeeeeeee!
He has a look at the problem, carefully analyzes it, and then moves in for the fix!
Engineer San's reaction...Hard at work...
Engineer San + victim, LunChai Lebon
This is the rest of the LunChais then went to BATTLE in Genting.
Candy cane is the shit!
NO LAR!!! Engineer San where got looks like me? DUN HAVE LAH!! Not alike at all, despite how much everyone keeps telling me we look the same! =p DIFFERENT LAH! I obviously look MUCH BETTER. haha...

So I'm sure you guys were guessing how well we did at our BATTLE in Genting eh? Well... not too good. In fact, very bad. =(
This photo itself is proof of how bad our battle went!
Loansharks needed some kind of 'guarantee' that I would return their money!
*sob sob*

ITs okay... there's always NEXT YEAR to win back my money!!!

Now... where did I put my Gerbil?? Time to feed my cats.....!