Thursday, February 07, 2008


Wishing all my readers a very Happy Chinese New Year!!

May the year of the rat give you enough cheekyness to find new ways to gain more money!! LoL...

And while you're at it, wish me luck for next weekend... I'm on a conquest to go up Genting to collect debts from the Lim family... They borrowed some money from me last year, so I'm going back up to collect back my money this time... with interest!! HAHAHA... Pray that I don't end up lending them summore of my money instead! lol...
Come on my little Gerbil!! I'm fully counting on YOU to give me BIG FORTUNE this year!! =) You can do it!! I know you can.... I didn't feed u until fat fat for nothing man!!

Otherwise... you can say hello to my good friend...

But... No pressure... really.


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! =)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Great Photo Meme

Because Pinkpau says I must... =(


1. The most recent picture of you. Where was it taken, when was it taken and who took it? How was your mood?
I got take newer pics, but not in my camera, and all the photos neva come back to me!!! Anywayz, this is Christmas 2007 in my cousin's place. Thats me with my cousin Nigel. Of course the mood was jolly laaaa... we had carollers come by later that night oso! =p

2. A picture of you with a friend. Who is this friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known him/her?:
This is APEK! Known him for 1 year now, and we've been goin out ever since... WAHAHAHA... like literally... to Devi's almost everyday. LoL.

3. A picture of you with your spouse/partner. How long have you known each other/been married/been going out?
This is my baby, Satria... We've been going out since May 2003...!! =)

4. A family picture:
This was taken on Christmas 2007... Christmas is all about family =) NO WAIT... or was it was presents and big feasts??... WAHAHAHA... =p

5. A picture of you making a peace sign:
This is like the ONLY photo of me doing a peace sign! haha

6. A picture of you making a yo dawg sign:
YO DAWG! Oh wait... that's my newphew... haha.

7. A picture of you in your Halloween costume:
Errm... not much of a Halloween costume laa... I was kinda dressed as an Ice Hockey player... WAHAHAHA... damn lame yo. I also have a Jason mask, but I don't think I took any pics in it. LoL

8. A picture of you on holiday. Where was it?
My usual Chinese New Year tradition that till today has never been broken before... LunChai Holiday to Genting Highlands for 2 nights!! =)

9. A picture of you in your workplace/school:
This is the little 'office' on board Star Cruises Super Star Virgo vessel. =p

10. A picture of you in a weird or random place. Where is this place? Who took this picture?
It was a coincidence... really!!
LoL... who could resist? HAHAHA... it was taken in Genting, somewhere just outside First World Hotel. =p

11. A picture of you on stage:
Yea, this is me and Fugz, on stage, bullying other contestants during the 2006 Pro-Hatch Annual Dinner.

12. A picture of you playing sport:
This one consider sport ah? Hehehe... thats me in Sepang =p
Otherwise I still got this

13. A picture of you with a celebrity:
Yes, this is PinkPau, the CELEBRITY. If you don't know her go know her, click my link at the side! =p

14. A picture of you drunk:
"Alvin" and "drunk" don't go together. This is a photo of me looking red because of the alcohol... but no lar, no such thing as Alvin getting drunk... lol. =p

15. A picture of you looking mad. Why were you mad?
This is me... younger... an angrier... obviously wanting to beat the shit out of somebody!! hahahahaa... I love this pic! =)

16. A picture of you looking sad. Why were you sad?
Its sad growing up, and having your christmas presents from relatives grow smaller and smaller every year... Not to mention the predictability of the gifts you'll receive from your relatives! Its either chocolate, Ang Pau, or something that was on sale! And if that's not SAD enuff... relatives 1 by 1 eventually STOPS giving you any at all. =(

17. A picture of you looking WEIRD. Why were you looking weird?
Yeaaa... this pic quite the power leh!! LoL... thats me, Daniel and Fugz wif the same shaved head... it was nearing merdeka of 2007, so we just HAD to HAVE the flag taken along wif us! LoL

18. A picture of you wearing something strange:
This is me... "wearing" my 'The Beatles' look. Yes... strange indeed...

19. A picture of you wearing formal:
Formal enuff for you anottt!! LoL... power leh this pic! =) This was me wif LinLin at the Leo Forum in Seremban back in... erm... 2003 I think. I was dressed to kill coz' I was the MC for the gala night... wahahaha. =p Plus I had this stunning date for the night... =)
Thank you LinLin, for everything... =)

20. A picture of you wearing a swimsuit:
Err... I'm a GUY... photo of me in a swimsuit? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!

21. A picture of you wearing PJs:
I wear this to sleep... so technically, this is my PJs whuuurt! LoL... =p

22. A picture of you with an animal:
Thats TIGER, the latest addition to my petting zoo... =p

23. A picture of you eating or with food:
Yes, thank you Hui Yat for this beaaauuutifulll photo! LoL... =p Yes lah, yes lah, you damn power.

24. A picture of you in black and white:
This is the SelecTV BoyBand photo, ChiangMai mari! WAHHAAHAHa...

Who wanna do, self declare kena TAG lah huh! =p