Thursday, June 19, 2008

External HDD Painting...

Just bought a new 500GB HDD last week, and being the cheapskate me, I didn't wanna buy an expensive external HDD casing, coz' I felt its not necessary. I mean, come on, spending over RM200 on a 500GB HDD is okay, spending more than RM100 for the external casing?

I'll have the cheapest external HDD casing that looks the least like crap please!

Needless to say ALL external casings that come cheap, ALL look like crap compared to those that costs RM120-150 or more! Check out this one I bought long ago for like 50 bucks or so...

Sometimes I wonder if I should've PAID anything at all for this piece of crap!

So anyhowz, I got my hands on a brand new one, coz' my old one started making funny noises. The new one is a plain one, with a blue LED light at the front of the HDD when its switched on. =p

So yeah, I figured since this one is plain, there's a whole lot u can do to it with an airbrush in your hands. =) But I didn't use airbrush for this one, just some simple spray paint cans I have lying around the house, so technically i didn't have to fork out any additional money. =)

Forgot to take a 'before' pic... but 'before' is just plain black with the words "3.5" external HDD casing" right smack in the middle of each side. I've had to sandpaper them off first before starting with the base coat. =p

Here's the finished product. Took me 2 "nights before going to sleep" to finish it up. =)
The matching background colour was a coincidence!

Yeaps, there you have it. The 'tone' is not so obvious in this picture, there's actually a tone to the blue tribal flames, darker at the bottom, becomes silvery-light blue towards the top. =p

And then, I've had to leave for Phuket the day after the night I finished my paintjob. And guess what? I forgot to wrap it with cardboard first before putting it into my bag! dammit... conventional clear coat takes quite a while to dry. It was my fault for forgetting that (my clear coating was sprayed on in the morning, bout 9am or so, my flight was at 3.30pm).

As a result? Damn paintjob got badly/deeply scratched!
Dammit! Cannot save liau... scratched all the way through the base coat even. =p

Oh well, I guess this means once I get home I'll be re-embarking on a new project to repaint my external HDD casing. =p
Leave sum comments on the job!

Here's some pics where the toning came up more apparent in the pictures. One was taken without flash, the other with flash. The blue paint I used was metallic, which is probably why the colour looks different with and without flash. =p

Friday, June 13, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... from Maxis!

Yes, 24th April was my birthday, and guess what wonderful birthday present did I get from Maxis?

Yes, you did not read wrong, RM25 bucks for frigging answering the phone for bloody 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

WTF indeed.