Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lady FREAKS OUT coz' missed her flight!


Don't frigging miss your flight!

I GOT CONNED... by ads!

Don't you just HATE it when you see an attractive ad, fall for it, purchase it, only to find out the real thing is NOTHING LIKE IT.

Even more so... when the FOOD you order don't look like THE PICTURE in the ad!

Check this out

Saw this at A&W. Chinese New Year promotion...

Yeah... looks not bad, so I though I'd try it out. Wuz kinda hungry also, so I could use a bigger burger... so I skipped my usual Fried Chicken to have a go at this.

When I got my set, I was instantly in disappointment.
A&W, you suck.

Seriously, DOUBLE FORTUNE MY ASS !!!!!!!!!

I guess I should've took this as a sign not to go Genting and gamble this year... would've saved my 200 bux I donated in Genting's casino to make the rich richer.