Monday, April 20, 2009

Recommendation: The Big Bang Theory!

This post is specially dedicated to all my Monash Engineering mates!

Yes, I proudly present to you, The Big Bang Theory!
(special thanks to Eu Gene, my best buddy, for introducing it to me!)

Its an intelligently humorous series that just BLOWS your mind! It's a MUST WATCH for all of you, especially science/engineering geeks out there!!!
**Unfortunately there are quite a lot of science terms and theories being thrown here and there, some jokes might not appear as funny to people who don't really understand the terms.

Its kinda like watching Friends (the series of course!), but instead involves 4 uber nerds and a chick. =)

Watch a clip from it for yourself and decide:

That clip is from Season 1 Episode 1.

Currently the latest is episode would be Season 2 Episode 20.

Not too late to catch up guys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phuket Beer-ing!

Yes, alcohol here is cheap!

So needless to say, my room's fridge (and probably everyone else's as well) is fully stocked with joy juice! =)

Even had a bottle of Korean Soju! Not too bad the taste, but a bit too sharp for my liking.

At 19.5% alcohol, doing shots of this hits u right away.

Its my first time consuming Federbrau. Despite the 'changgih' name, its actually a local Thai brewed beer. Tastes not bad. Worth a try. =)
First time trying Miller beer too! Been seeing their many advertisements many times, usually while watching sports on ESPN! Oh and wrestling matches too... LoLz... but have never given it a try before until now. =)

Miller beer is pretty good stuff. I do like it. Its goes down pretty smoothly unlike the usual roughness like the effect Tiger has (on me, at least).

But what ONE beer MUST you TRULY TRY out when you come to Phuket?

What is that ONE beer, you should never leave Phuket without trying??

What ONE beer is it that if you don't consume, its best you don't say that you've even came to Phuket before?

What is this ONE beer that I am talking about?

It is the one beer that was censored above in order not to spoil this posting!


The ONE beer, that you MUST try when you come to Phuket!

It is... none other than...

Yes, apparently they have PHUKET LAGER BEER here! hahahaha....

Now how could anyone ever possibly leave here without at least having one of these? LoLz....