Tuesday, May 12, 2009

- 16 Randoms -

I got tagged by Gerald~!

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. This is the 2nd time Gerald did a meme and tagged me without following the correct rules! I had to refer to the rules posted by the person who tagged him. -_-"

2. I still can't decide what colour to paint my car...

3. I'm getting an iphone!

4. I bought over 25 Gundam master grade model kits in the past 1 year or so and am still buying more every time there's a new model out, but i've only completed fixing up only 3 of them so far. haha... no time lah!

5. I used to be a librarian in high school.

6. I resigned my position as assistant head prefect to be a librarian.

7. The main reason I became a prefect/librarian was because I'd have a unique nametag and I could wear long sleeve and a tie to school. YenGZ!

8. I was a librarian for 3+half years, and I have never washed my tie even once! HAHAHAHAHA... (when aileng reads this, she's gonna go OMGWTFFFFFFFFFFFFFBBQ!!!)

9. I love debating. I debated a lot through primary, secondary school and college.

10. My team would've won the college inter-course debate competition if it wasn't for my team mate who accidentally blurted out some foul words. We got disqualified for it. (No Matthew, although I still remember, I never did blame u!)

11. I have a gold medal for Sunway College inter-course basketball competition.

12. I used to play chess A LOT... and was good in it.

13. The last time I touched my Tamiya miniature model was 3 years ago. I was building a pink Ferrari as a surprise for my girlfriend, and then we broke up. The Ferrari is still half-done, sitting in it's box, in my cupboard right now.

14. I learned to speak Cantonese while I was 5 years old. My neighbour would tell me a sentence, I'd run in and ask my mom what it meant, she'd tell me. I'd then tell my mom what I want to reply, my mom will tell me how to say it in Cantonese, and I'd run out to my neighbour to say it. This is how I eventually learned to speak

15. My sister never learned to speak Cantonese because my nieghbour's elder sister knows how to speak English.

16. I started writing this at 10am in the office, and it is now going to be 7pm... -_-"

Ummm, okay!

I tag... erm... everyone who reads this... why? Coz' lazy to mention specific names...! wahahaha...