Monday, March 10, 2008

Genting LUNCHAI Trip

Yeah, a bit the LATE my posting, i know, been busy lah okay! =p

Anywayz our 'LunChai' annual Genting Trip for Chinese New Year happend on the 16-18 February 2008 this year. =p
Genting's view from our hotel room @ mini casino
This time around, the person to drive is me and Lebon... and this year around, there was DRAMA!! Yeah... on the way up, Lebon's Hyundai SCoupe decided to serve hot drinks to all of us! =p
Teh Tarik anyone?
FORTUNATELY there was a Panasonic Toyota Racing F1 Engineer passing by that saw us in dilemma. He was nice enuff to stop and help out!! LoL...
Team Panasonic Toyota Racing F1 Engineer San to the rescueeeeeeeee!
He has a look at the problem, carefully analyzes it, and then moves in for the fix!
Engineer San's reaction...Hard at work...
Engineer San + victim, LunChai Lebon
This is the rest of the LunChais then went to BATTLE in Genting.
Candy cane is the shit!
NO LAR!!! Engineer San where got looks like me? DUN HAVE LAH!! Not alike at all, despite how much everyone keeps telling me we look the same! =p DIFFERENT LAH! I obviously look MUCH BETTER. haha...

So I'm sure you guys were guessing how well we did at our BATTLE in Genting eh? Well... not too good. In fact, very bad. =(
This photo itself is proof of how bad our battle went!
Loansharks needed some kind of 'guarantee' that I would return their money!
*sob sob*

ITs okay... there's always NEXT YEAR to win back my money!!!

Now... where did I put my Gerbil?? Time to feed my cats.....!


At May 28, 2008 at 11:02 PM, Anonymous Xer said...

wahaha nice pic esp the last 1...


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