Friday, January 11, 2008

Bangkok Randoms

Eastin Hotel, Bangkok

Bangkok Highways

Pics of Bangkok City from Eastin Hotel's rooftop

Traffic in Bangkok during Peak Hour

Remember the road layouts here to compare with the next pic
This is how bad the traffic is during peak hours!

Energy Zone! Don't ask me what it is, I never went to check it out

Come... let's go supermarget to get one! LoL...
Exotic car showrooms in Siam Paragon





SFW Cinema in Central World, Bangkok

Elegant walkway at SFW Cinema

ONLY VIPS! hehe... as seen in our usual Tuk Tuk in Bangkok, Pet Dam aka BLACK DIAMOND!!

Yes, more stickers on Black Diamond's Tuk Tuk... he said copywrited by him, so I'm not allowed to put this in my car...

Damn power toilet sign... wonder if this means only 1 can enter at a time? LoL

You get 2 Million Funs from buying a Jazz! haha...

Read the Menu cover properly... WAHAHAHAHA! Imagine how it was INSIDE! =p The pool restaurant+bar is a damn good place to hangout if u're in Bangkok btw!

Which dumb ass doesn't keep his shirts away from fire?!?!

SHABUSHI Buffet Restaurant. Combination of Shabu-Shabu and Sushi buffet at an affordable 219 baht (roughly RM21.90) eat all you want!! The food is not bad weih... They serve desserts as well, got ice cream and stuffs. Damn packed weih the place, we had to take a number and wait 30 minutes for our turn! =p

Intel advertising... damn cute yo! They hire these bunch of ppl walking around Pantip Plaza IT Mall... our Low Yat equivalent, but much bigger!!
These felas will walk all over the mall, choose a place to stop, then stand there a good 5 minutes or so before proceeding to find another place to stand at.
Yeah, goin up escalator oso must get into "display stance" wan... LoL

Caramal Custard... LoL

Stewberry... LoL

My personal favourite... Itarian sauces! HAHAHAHA

A bit the WTF huh??

So yea, anyway... Bangkok was FUN! =)
Got my PSP from Pantip Plaza... =p Been playin' it close to every night before I Zzzzz... =p So yea, neva regretted getting it! =)

Bangkok however I think is more of a chick's hangout lah... most guys would get bored very fast... girls however, will probably never lar... so much shopping to do here... some girls I know wanna buy the whole Bangkok!! LoL... good luck to them on that! =p

But anywayz, its always fun to visit somewhere new. =) So much things to discover... =p
So when you guys wanna come down Bangkok to visit me huh??
When you guys wanna come down here to go Yum Cha with me?
Come let's go Yum Cha!! hahaha...


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