Friday, October 26, 2007


So the Melacca rave is this coming weekend right? I'm sure many Malaysian party-goers are all packed and ready to go!! What better way to get away from the everyday routine of goin to work or goin to college or uni... (i'm not gonna say goin to school, coz' if u still go to school, u're underaged for this! =p)

So most people I'd say would rent a nice place, likely a bangalow, nearby the rave event venue, so they don't have to endure the bad traffic jam goin there and goin home after its ended. On top of that, what can be better than spendin' some quality time with your buddies... possibly have a BBQ session for dinner before the rave, and of course its a good venue for the 'after party' as well... if you're still standing of course. LoL... otherwise there's also the 'after party' that you do lying down... haha.

So what else goes on at a rave besides good music and non-stop dancing?

How can anyone club without alcohol?!?! LoL... =p
But nonetheless, with LOADS of drinking, comes LOADS of after effects. What could be more dreadful than a HANGOVER the next day?!? Especially if you're having to check out by 12pm and then having to drive all the way back home which journey takes hours!! Now wouldn't that just suck??

For I have found a SOLUTION for situations like this!!

BEHOLD... I present to you... HANG! The Hangover reliever!

Comes in packs of 12's. So your hangover days are OVER!
These can be purchased at the local Thailand Carrefour! =p

HANG also has a variety of other products...

This for instance I suppose are for girls who aren't getting enough 'happy times' or their man just wants to 'get straight to it'....

And then there's also one for those who hasn't had their cherry popped yet!

Yeah... indeed... HANG of Thailand... what DON'T they have? LoL...


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