Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Riverside, Chiang Mai

Searchin' for a place to go in Chiang Mai that's happening for both foreigners and locals? The answer for you would be,RIVERSIDE!
Yes, its a restaurant and bar place in Chiang Mai, thats situated by the river.

Damn awesome environment, and an EVEN MORE AWESOME HOUSE BAND! Yea, no joke, the house band is damn good. They play mostly English songs, and I must say, to date, they're like the best Thai band I've ever listened to. Not to mention the English songs they sang are all pronounced accurately, that you'd find it hard to believe they're a Thais! =p No joke...
They also have an option of you having dinner on a BOAT man! =p They'll just cruise around the river while you have a romantic candlelight dinner on it. =p

Anywayz, the place is seriously damn nice. If you haven't been to Riverside while you were at Chiang Mai... you might as well jump down a river and drown yourself! LoL... the place is damn famous, and its packed every night, especially on weekends... so make sure you don't just go there without a reservation.


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