Monday, September 24, 2007

Not for the faint hearted... =p

I've been in Chiang Mai quite a few days now already, and I've FINALLY FOUND IT!!!

Found what?
Well, before coming here to Chiang Mai, I've actually hand my mind set on trying some of the Northern Thailand exotic delicacies. I've been searching for it since day 1 that I'm here okaaaay! =p Finally bumped into it! =p


Okay lar, this one didn't taste so good to me. Or at least it didn't quite suit my taste. I don't really like the texture. Its crispy on the outside, but as soon as u bite into it, you can feel the soft insides come out. Got this kinda powdery texture goin on after the first bite. Not really something I enjoy. =p

EXOTIC DELICACY NUMBER 2: Cricket (Little?!?)

This one actually tastes good! =) I still remember last time when my dad used to rare and train Burung Merbuks (Zebra Doves) and bring them for singing competitions, he would feed these crickets to them. For RM1 u can get a handful of these from the fish shop. I still remember back in the days when my dad not around, I'm the one who has to catch these jumpers to feed to the birds.
But back to our exotic delicacy... this crickets are really not bad weih. They're fried till crispy crispy... yum yum! Kinda taste like eating deep fried ikan bilis minus the saltiness. =p Can get quite jelak after eating it too much. =p Bought a pack of these back to my room after trying it! I'd say a must try when you guys come here weih!

EXOTIC DELICACY NO.3: Bamboo Worm (WARM?!?! LoL)

HOLY COW! This is actually DAMN KAU GOOOOOOOOD !!!!!! No joke weih... after trying this i bought their biggest pack available! Its DAMN NICE! Its DAMN ADDICTIVE! Once u pop, you can't stop!! No joke! Its crispy, and you can get a kind sweet flavour on it. OMG OMG OMG! ITS DAMN GOOD!! Downside is its damn expensive man! But serious damn nice laaa... a must try! Will try to bring some back for you guys, and will make CarMAN eat because she loves worms so much! HAHAHAHA...


If you don't get this, kick yoursef...


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