Saturday, September 22, 2007

A smile in the morning...

As some of you might already know, I'm currently in Chiang Mai, THAILAND. Yes, THAILAND.
OMG man, I can't believe sooooo many of you guys out there thought it was in Vietnam. ITS NOT!

So yeah, I checked into Suriwongse Hotel, and I stayed in their Executive Suite room. Nothing to shout about really. The room is big and all, but lacking the 'WoW' factor. Therefore I never really took any pics of the room lar. =p

The meal vouchers is like, OMG damn small kid weih! So colourful and all... it kinda reminds me of the old days, Hari Kantin in Primary/Secondary school when we were forced happily bought our colourful cash vouchers that came in booklets of RM10 to spend on that very day on food or whatever nonsense was setup to suck our money for a so called 'school renovation to give better facilities' that never happened... at least, not until i left the school.

Most of the hotels that I go to usually don't use coupon systems anymore. They have this thing called a computer where u just state your name and room number to the restaurant receptionist, and it should be in their records, so you just walk in and makan. =p

But one thing about this hotel did put a smile on my face every morning. =) Their breakfast...

Its not that they have the widest range of breakfast, its not that they have the tastiest omelettes, its not that hey have the best orange juice... nothing like that... So what is it? See it for yourself... here's a zoomed in pic

I must say they're the only hotel I know who bothers to SHAPE their sunny side up eggs! hehe... =p


At October 21, 2007 at 10:23 PM, Anonymous mr Takoyaki-san said...

Aaaaaaahhhh XD the egg....supa kawaii!!....


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