Wednesday, August 22, 2007


WAHLAU... been damn busy in the office past few days, hardly have time for myself! =p Haven't even gotten the pics that were taken last weekend in bambo9 during Lisha's farewell! =p

So today i was digging through some old pics, and decided to post up a bit on my miniature modelling hobby. =p

What i'm gonna show you is a model I found lying around for like, forever! =p Its a very very old piece which I had done ages and ages ago when I was much younger (and i sucked back then!) so the paintjob is very very bad. =p

The paintjob as you can see is very uneven. =p This is an old school Mini Cooper.

So now you have an old ugly car... what exactly do you do with it?? Colour it all over again? Too much of a hasstle... that would mean i'd hav to tear the car apart, and sand down everything to be repainted again. MAFAN MAN! I might risk breaking the more delicate pieces also summore...

So i thought and i thought... and it finally hit me...!!


What better way to hide an ugly paintjob than under DIRT!!! LoL...


So the dirt actually managed to cover the uneven paint job very very well... Tamiya Weathering Master is a very good tool indeed... so good... that what used to be a very ugly Mini Cooper... now just looks like an old junk instead!



At September 24, 2007 at 9:34 PM, Blogger Tämmý said...

waaaa alvin.. i knew you spray painted your felix pencil case but didn't you did miniature minis as well!!! Good job with the dirt! I like it! One question...?? How did you do the windscreens!? with the min wipers or..?? lol


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