Monday, August 13, 2007

Cars that annoy you...

On my way to work today, 2 different Perodua Kancils annoyed me. I know la they're accelerating as fast as they can, but please la, driving on the fast late, got a faster car behind (who's late for work!) and a mile of empty road in front of you... have the courtesy to move into the left lane and give way la, please lah. Its frustrating having being forced to overtake u on your left lorh. I quite hate overtaking on the left wan, only do it if i'm forced to, coz' its dangerous man.

Actually come to think of it, the way Malaysians drive sometimes, so very impatient! Surely everyday also will bump into at least 1 car that annoys you, whether or not it involved you or not also sometimes can annoy you; like you being stuck in traffic jam, and you noticed got this car who keeps forcing his way through switching lanes constantly to which ever lane is moving, but alas despite his changing lanes 10 times, he's still only 5 cars ahead of you. Doesn't quite directly involve you, but somehow still annoying to see got people drive like that.



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