Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Hmmm... my 1st blog post. Not gonna be particularly about anything, but just something to get things started. =p

Still playing around with the functions... blog virgins like me, haiseh, dunno what is what also. Damn noob sialz. =p

Anyway, not gonna talk about myself or introduce myself or anything la, you'll get to know me as time goes by... I wouldn't know what to write lorh if you want me to summarize the past 25 years of my life in a brief introduction. LoL... =p People like me so damn complicated wan... cannot lah, cannot lah. =p You just will just have to read on to get to know me better! hehe...

So yeah, here goes my 1st posting lar. =p Minus the earlier (and already deleted) test posting that is... hahaha.


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