Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Sorry lah, haven't updated my blog in a while. Was in Star Cruises Virgo for a week plus plus (and the internet there is slow as hell!! Can't even login my blog man!), and now that I'm back in office, got quite a bit of stuffs to do, don't really have time to upload all my photos yet. Got over 1000 photos okaaaay! Not that i'm gonna post up all 1000 lar, a lot of repeated pics... Thanks to Kirby for the pics! They aren't my camera laaa... all Kirby punya! =p Still waiting for a few more pics from him that I haven't copied over yet. Must star camwhoring wif my own camera adi... hahaa... keep camwhoring on other people's camera only! =p

Anywayz, my trip to Star Cruises Virgo is fun as always. The staff there has always been accomodating, made a few new aquaintances and all... its all guuuuud! Been drinkin' every night there while chilling with the crews after work. Food is great too! There's no such thing as starvation, heck, there's no such thing as hungry either! Not when they serve breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and LATE supper!!! And not to mention that you can makan in a variety of places, MORE THAN ONCE! And its all kinda like buffet laaa... even their sit down dinners can reorder punya at no charge at the free restaurants that are included in your boarding passes.

Anywayz, photos should be coming soon laaa! So stay tuned !!


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