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star cruises pics

As some of you know, I've went on Star Cruises Super Star Virgo for a week and a half, just got back last week lar. =p

And as most of you also know, its not my first time there, and its probably also not my last. =p But before this I never took any pics, but now got lah quite a lot also! =p So here are some pics to share with all.

Star Cruises Virgo

So what's so great about Star Cruises you ask?? Why do people pay such a high price to go on board cramped in a small room with a "window" with a beautiful "view" cruising around in international waters??

"Window" with beautiful "view"

Well... to GAMBLE OF COURSE!! Thats the main attraction... if not, takkan the GREAT VIEW of water, water, and MORE WATER meh?

There's actually quite a lot of other things to do on board if you don't gamble. You could take their special cruises that usually port stays for passengers to visit what ever places they stop at lar. Star Cruises Virgo stops at Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore mainly. Sometimes Vietnam during their special cruises. On weekends, they usually don't port. Only loitering around international waters so that their casino can be opened for business.

Singapore Harbor Front during the night

Can you see the lighted cable cars?

Some unique building at Singapore Harbour Front

Now this is something not many people might know about... when a large ship is approching a port to park, the port will send over somebody to come on board the ship to guide the ship through its surroundings to reach the port. The reasoning being that they know better which part is shallow, which part got rocks, etc etc.

You see only one person very nicely dressed up in a stylo uniform. The rest just look like fisherman.

They call him... a PILOT.

I call it... world's most expensive jockey service!!
I mean... how much do you think they charge for that service huh? Assuming if you want to park your ship an additional hour it costs $50,000 Singapore Dollars in Singapore's Harbor Front port!!

Anywayz, this time around I did go down to Phuket for dinner and to give a surprise visit to some colleagues and clients. =)

Phuket Port during the day

Phuket deep sea port during the night

Phuket deep sea port market

You haven't been to Thailand if you haven't tried barbecued coconut water!

A bit dark, but I'm holding it!

This is what Langkawi's port looks like. I didn't go down Langkawi though. Felt a bit lazy and I had a bit of work to finish up on board the ship. Luckily I didn't go also, it rained like an hour later after they reached the port. Haha... Originally thought of going down and go karting with some of the ship's crew punya... oh well! =p
Langkawi Port

So if gambling is not really your thing, but you wanna go on a cruise trip, then go for one of their travel cruise instead of gambling cruise lorh. By gambling cruise, I meant on weekends, STar Cruises Virgo doesn't port stay, from Friday to Sunday... all it does is cruise around international waters, for the main purpose of letting people gamble lorh. So u're pretty much stuck on the ship for the whole 3 days 2 nights.

So just what do you do?
You could chill at the top deck where to swimming pool is! Can go swimming! Got jacuzzi! Got SPA center. Can do your hair there at the saloon! Got gym there also!

Can also play games during the pre-cruise party! Or listen to their cruise band play at the stage by the pool!
They're quite good!

The place even looks great at night!

Can chill by the lobby and listen to music! Which by the way has a grand piano and some great singers too!

Can play Mahjong! They even have games room and a library man!

But what we did was, play Trivial Pursuit... Lord Of The Rings edition!

Can find places to take nice pictures

Or find oppurtunities to CAMWHORE!
Who's sitting? I'm not sitting!

The outer deck... where everyone walks out to receive handphone signals! Otherwise inside no line wan!!

Hungry already go Bella Vista to makan. I got no Pics of Pavilion or Mediterranion though. LoL... or any other paying restaurants for that matter.

Bella Vista's receptionist was very nice and accomodating =) *wink*
Too bad I don't have nicer pic.

Fancy a broadway? Go down the Lido. They sometimes have musicals, sometimes have midnight movies, sometimes have topless dancers... but let's not go there! This blog strictly rated-U. "Sesuai untuk tontonan umum" (suitable for general showing). =p
Walkway to The Lido

They have a picture house also... can go there watch movies!

Can play Chess with their Senior IT Officer, Jojo!
He's quite good at it summore!

Can go Ta-Kei (play game)!!

Can even PLAY BASKETBALL on INTERNATIONAL WATERS! How many people can say they've done that before man? LoL...

There's loads more you CAN do lar on board. A lot I didn't managed to take photos of mar. There's disco. An activity centre. Galaxy Of The Stars is like a lounge/pub place that also organizes activities such as Bingo or other famous gameshow games, or even meet the star sessions (if they have a singer performing on board. Like last month, Michael Learns to Rock performed on Star Cruises Virgo).

Then there's also a jogging track on the top deck, mini golf, a driving range, rock climbing facilities, and probably some activities that I left out and can't recall at this moment. =p

I didn't really manage to take many pics with all the crew I met on board. So hopefulyl next time got chance la yaaaa! =p

So anywayz... my this loooooooooong post until here first. Be sure to check back shortly for more postings. =)




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