Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shoppin' in Chiang Mai

So what is it like shopping here in Chiang Mai?? Well, you could of course walk through the Night Bazaar, aka night market along the steets that are soooo well organized and planned out and built that you could even walk along it during the rain and not get wet. They 'unite' their shades man. LoL. There you can get heaps of stuffs from T-shirts, shoes, pyjamas, to souvenirs, handycrafts, lamps, things you need and things you do not need... they even have massage booths being setup man!

But what's it like in Shopping Centres? Well... pretty much the same at home really. Cept for a few interesting things that I happen to bump across...

Central Plaza, Chiang Mai

Chic Club!

Is there such a thing as 'slim up'? Does this mean this place is for underweight people?

Ummm... banana fire anyone?

For people who want something thats out of this world!

McDonald's chicken sauce, just what I need for my McChicken! =p

PanTip Plaza
PanTip Plaza is like our Malaysia's Lowyat Plaza, but smaller. =p I'd have to say, some things here are cheaper than Malaysia, some aren't. But if cheaper also is not really a very significant amount lar.

But if you're thinking Thai people are not as advanced as Malaysians? GUESS AGAIN! Damn advanced okaaaayyy!! They have something that is not even LAUNCHED in Malaysia yet okaaaay!! Look for yourself...
Intel Celereron! I wonder when is Malaysia gonna have this?

BUT that one still not the BEST okaaaaay.... CHECK THIS ONE OUT LAAAA!!

PnP WanTeng!

OMG MAN... and we ULU Malaysians wanna go Genting gamble or play theme park have to drive all the way up the hill for it mannn... Thai people are doing it at the convinience of their homes!! Just plug and play !!



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