Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Phuket Festival 2007

Every year, to mark the beginning of the high season here in Phuket (Nov-Feb), there will be a Phuket Festival(formerly known as Patong Festival) along Patong Beach! Its organized every 1st-3rd November of every year.
Jazz Music being performed by local Thais
There's a concert stage on the beach where various people come to perform be it local or foreigners. Usually, people who work around the area in a band or something.

Then there's these things everywhere... people selling paper hot air balloons for you to light up. Supposed to give you good luck or something. Didn't quite ask how much they were though.
My camera can't get nice night shots =(

Then needless to say, there's loads and loads OF FOOD!
This is like a Thai version of Hor Jien (oyster+egg)
Lok Lok watchout! Look at the size of these!!
Now, the purpose of these pics are not so much on the food coz' I haven't the slightest idea what he was selling! haha...
But if u see properly, the blue pipe hanging, is actually a device to shoo flies away! LoL... at the bottom end of the pipe... is a long thin rod that has rafia strings tied to it's ends that keeps spinning round and round.

Check out the size of the PRAWNS ON SALE!
DAMN KAU HUGE OKAAAY! Here's another look at the size of the prawns here!

It was fun la walking along the beach during the Phuket Festival. Its the beginning of high season, meaning from today onwards till the end of February, Phuket is going to be packed with tourists!
The high season started wit a bang! Quite literally, as there are fireworks being lit at night. Loads of paper hot air baloons being released. Loads of food. Loads of hotels that open a small booth to sell simple foods and cocktails just to join in the fun! Loads of GREAT BIG PRAWNS and LOBSTERS!

Hmmm... wanna know what else is GREAT and BIG during such festive season??

The numbers on your bill when you check out your hotel!!!

Yes, I know.... OUCH!


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