Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Food hunting in Abu Dhabi

As most of you would know, it is now the fasting month (Ramadan) for Muslims. UAE needless to say is a Muslim country lah, where Sundays are a working day, and their offdays are on Fridays.
*Meaning their Fridays are like our Sundays lah*

Soooo... one fine Friday, my boss and I tried going outside to source for my lunch.


Looking for food for lunch during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi was like hunting for Unicorns. You kinda expect them all to be closed, but at the same time you're hoping to happen to find a place thats open!

First up we walked around all the restaurants around our hotel area. As suspected, all closed. We figured, we should go to the mall lah... probably can get food there.

So we went to Abu Dhabi mall... saw a sign that says the mall only opens at 3.30pm. WTF. What kinda mall only opens at 3.30pm on a public holiday? Imagine 1Utama or Midvalley only open at 3.30pm on Sundays. WTFFFFFFFf...

Okay fine. Our last HOPE i guess was fastfood. There's Pizza Hut, KFC and Hardee's (Carl's Jr. is called Hardee's in the UAE) restaurant nearby, so head there lah!!
As u can all see... WTF man... even fast food restaurants ARE CLOSED! WTF WTF WTF!
The sign says, it opens at 5.30pm. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...

Seriously... the rest of us who aren't fasting all dun need to eat meh? -_-"
There's just as many Indians, Pakistanis, Philippinos and other immigrant workers here in UAE as non-Muslims in Malaysia okay!

We searched and searched and searched, but to no avail. Almost all shops had signs like this put up:
They're nice enuff to say thank you!
So yeah, after over an hour of searching... we GIVE UP! Bought instant noodles and went back to our hotel and cook ler. -_-"

On another note, i went out to tapau dinner from Hardee's one day... =p Price wise? A lot cheaper than back home in Malaysia! Most expensive mean also is AED20 (the set I'm having) only... which is just under RM20 at the current exchange rate. =p



Okay lar, till here first... this is me signing off, wishing all my Muslim friends and readers, RAMADAN KAREEM!

Till next time!


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